7 Ways to Start Saving Energy at Home

A clothesline with shirts on it
Clotheslines can help save household energy

To reduce energy use around the Texas home, here are seven simple suggestions:

  1. Improve shade. The home heats rapidly under the Texas sun. Shade trees reduce the heat buildup in the home. Shading the external air conditioning components is also recommended.
  2. Improve the energy retention envelope around the home through better door seals, windows (double pane, etc.), insulating behind the outlets on external walls
  3. Change luminescent light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) Don’t know the difference? Read about it here.
  4. Consider an outdoor clothesline to take advantage of the sun and reserve the electric or gas clothes dryer for rainy days.
  5. Look at practices that prevent or delay heat buildup in the roof and attic. These include improved insulation, good quality solar attic ventilation fans and energy efficient roofing materials. This has the effect of reducing the load inside the home and on the air conditioner.
  6. Turn off non-essential items. If lights aren’t being used, turn them off. Many electrical appliances use a trickle of power even when they are switched off. Consider using power strips so that power to unnecessary devices can be turned off and back on with a single switch.
  7. Consider solar water heating.


Welcome to the Solar Texas Blog

Tony Stephenson, Solar Texas
Tony Stephenson, owner of Solar Texas

Are you overloaded with information about what’s green and what’s not?  Most homeowners want to save energy but don’t know where to start. I get lots of phone calls from people with questions about types of equipment, costs to install, what will work best for their household, so I wanted to help the conversation along with information about saving energy, equipment purchase questions and what’s next for solar energy.  Plus there are rebates and refunds and tax incentives, all changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up.

So I’m going to try and keep up for you.  My name is Tony Stephenson and I am the owner of Solar Texas.  I started this business 5 years ago when I wanted to purchase a solar water heater for my own house and could not find a local dealer.  It’s a product I was familiar with from my years growing up in country towns in Australia and thought it was perfect for the San Antonio climate.  Turns out I was right and my initial purchase has turned into a business offering a variety of solar products.  In this blog, I’ll occasionally talk about the products, but you can find that on all the other pages of this site.

So welcome to my “energy hub” and I hope you will stop by often and ask a question or two.