Heliocol Pool Heaters

Heliocol Solar Pool Heater Installation
Heliocol Pool Panels Mounted on a Roof

The Heliocol system uses collector panels mounted on a house roof, ground rack, pool maintenance building or pergola to warm pool water as it passes through the collectors. Collectors are constructed from header pipes and a series of small tubes and exposed to the sun. Heat from the sun is absorbed by the water and results in increased pool water temperatures:  from 5 to 15 degrees above normal pool temperatures. In spring and late fall, a solar pool blanket used in conjunction with the Heliocol solar pool heater will raise the pool temperature from 15 to 25 degrees.  The number of collectors depends on the surface area of the pool, available mounting space, and mounting direction (south is best). For an average residential pool, seven 4 ft x 12 ft collectors is normal. An optional electronic controller senses the appropriate weather & temperature conditions and diverts the water flow through the collectors and back into the pool.

If you’re not already heating your pool, this system will extend your swim season by months!  If you’re currently heating your pool with gas or propane, you won’t believe the savings you’ll get from this system.

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Solahart Water Heaters

Solahart Water Heater Installation
Solahart Water Heater Roof Installation

Solahart solar water heaters are simple, efficient water heating systems.  Water is heated as it travels through a  collectors on the roof. Cooler fluid descends and warmer fluid rises. The warmer fluid heated by the sun rises in the collectors and then to the tank where it transfers its heat to the household water. As the heat exchange fluid then cools, it descends again to the bottom of the collector to go through the entire process again. The process is self-sustaining and requires no electronics, pumps, temperature sensors or controllers. The water storage tank is also fitted with an electrical backup element for when weather conditions don’t allow the sun to heat the water to a desired temperature.  It’s easy to identify a passive system.

Solahart, a subsidiary of Rheem, manufactures several models of solar water heaters for a multitude of climates around the world. Solahart has been manufacturing solar water heaters in Australia for more than 50 years and is a world leader in solar water heating technology. The J model, which is recommended for the Texas climate, is available in the USA with a 48 gallon, 80 gallon, or 116 gallon tank.

This product may qualify for local and federal energy rebates.  Ask Solar Texas about current rebates when you call for a quote.