How to Choose the Right Skylight for the Job—Part One: Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel in a Bathroom
Velux Sun Tunnel in a Bathroom
Velux Sun Tunnel Lights up a Bathroom

Modern homes have become more expansive over recent generations of homeowners. Single story homes in particular, have expanded outwards resulting in larger dark areas in the center of the home. Even in the middle of the day, some homeowners have to turn on electric lighting to augment the limited light coming through windows. For many, natural light is so much more appealing if it can be achieved.

Velux manufactures a wide variety of skylights and Sun Tunnels to offer a range of solutions. Potential customers are often a little confused by the number of options they are presented with when choosing a method of bringing natural light into a dark room. What works best for a given situation?

Velux Sun Tunnels are an economical choice for dark spaces. Rigid Sun Tunnels (TMR/TGR/TSR models) are preferred to flexible tunnel systems (TMF/TGF models) for most installations. The rigid tunnel is better at reflecting light and can be used to a recommended maximum tunnel length of 20ft. The flexible tunnel is mostly for situations where the rigid tunnel won’t fit or for very short runs. Installations in San Antonio and surrounding areas seem to average about 8 to 9 ft of tunnel length.

The 10 inch Sun Tunnel brings natural light to an area of about 200 sq. ft. The 14 inch Sun Tunnel lights an area up to roughly 390 sq. ft. in area.  This means one 10 inch Sun Tunnel is ideal for lighting:

  • small bathrooms
  • small entry foyers
  • mud rooms or
  • closets.

A 14 inch Sun Tunnel is ideal for:

  • walk-in closets
  • laundry rooms
  • larger bathrooms
  • office spaces and
  • game room.

Several Sun Tunnels are perfect for hallways, kitchens and dining areas.

Installation generally takes a few hours, depending upon the length and complexity of the tunnel. Costs range from a little over $400 for a 10 inch Sun Tunnel to a little over $500 for a 14 inch Sun Tunnel with 4 ft of tunnel and roughly $25-30/ft of tunnel in excess of 4 ft. And the nice part! Velux Sun Tunnels qualify for the federal government’s 30% tax credit

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