Solar Dynamics Attic Fans

Solar Dynamics Attic Fan
The Solar Dynamics Attic Fan

The Solar Dynamics Inc., solar attic ventilation fan is designed to utilize the sun’s energy to pull air from the attic, and allow fresh air to enter through soffit vents under the eaves or gable vents. With the 20W photovoltaic panel powering a 12V motor, the fan turns on when the sun comes up and turns off when the sun goes down.  This fan moves air at the rate of 1,275 cubic feet per minute (cfm) under load in full sun.

This fan can get ahead of the sun’s heating effect…and stay there. There are no backup batteries and no wires to external power sources. The photovoltaic panel generates electricity for the motor to drive a five-blade aluminum propeller. There is so little noise that the homeowner will be unlikely to hear the fan running at full speed from anywhere in the home’s living area. By staying ahead of the sun’s effect on the attic, the attic temperature remains very close to ambient temperature all day long. When the sun is no longer heating the roof, there is no need for the attic fan to run.

We sell and install this fan because it’s the best value for money today.

This product may qualify for energy rebates.  Ask Solar Texas when you call!