6 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Old Skylight

Acrylic Skylight with large Holes on the SurfaceVelux America estimates that there are millions of acrylic skylights on American homes.  While they may still look alright from the inside, chances are it’s time to replace them with a more energy efficient Velux Skylight. Here are 6 problems with you might be seeing with your  acrylic skylight.

Energy Efficiency

Acrylic skylights are old technology like old single pane windows. They are not very good at keeping cold or heat from moving in and out of your house. Not only are the acrylic domes inefficient, they rest upon a 1/8” thick aluminum frame, which conducts unwanted additional heat in and out of your home. Condensation can collect on the inside of acrylic skylights and has to escape somehow, so it runs down the inside of the skylight chase, which just exacerbates the energy inefficiencies.  Velux glass skylights are double-paned and can be as much as 45% more efficient than their acrylic counterparts.


Acrylic skylights last about 15-20 years. The acrylic material deteriorates with age and cracks often start appearing after just 15 years in service. By comparison, Velux skylights are manufactured with long lasting tempered safety glass and installed with several layers of leak prevention.

Light Distortion

Acrylic skylights most often utilize two layers of bubbled acrylic installed one above the other with a simple layer of air between. Sometimes they are tinted to try and reduce heat and glare. With Velux glass skylights you get natural light, negligible distortion, with minimal heat and minimal UV light.


Acrylic skylights have a reputation for leaks. The best option is to replace it with a Velux skyight. Not only do most of the Velux skylights have a 10 year “No Leak” warranty, they will quickly recoup replacement costs with improved energy efficiency.

Hail Damage Could Be Yours after the Next Storm

Most acrylic skylights which are more than 10 years old, are fragile enough that they will shatter in the next hailstorm.  This is what happened in a hailstorm in Fredericksburg, TX this past June. Solar Texas assisted numerous homeowners with skylight replacement.

Replacing Your Roof?Velux Skylight mounted on a Shingle Roof

If you’re getting ready to replace your roof, you’re already investing in your home. Many homeowners find that when the roofers peel back the existing roof that there is enough damage to acrylic skylights that they need to be replaced, too.

We’re happy to discuss upgrading your acrylic skylight to a more energy efficient Velux product like the fresh air solar skylight (hyperlink). The difference in the look of your room will amaze you and you will wonder why you took so long to make the change.

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