Solar Texas Featured in Endeavor Wall Model Home










Our Solar Texas team recently installed a 14” Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight into the model home at the Setterfeld Community, which is being developed by Endeavor Wall Homes.  As you can see by these photos, we completely transformed the master bath in this new home, bringing natural light into the center of the room.  Why not visit in person? Take the Ralph Fair Road exit off I10 in San Antonio.

You don’t need to live in a model home to get the same kind of transformation in YOUR home. We’re ready to light up your home with Velux Sun Tunnels and Skylights. Call us at 210-669-2504 or

Solar Texas Installs Velux Sun Tunnels in Scott Felder Homes Model

We recently installed two Velux Sun Tunnels into the Scott Felder Homes model at their new neighborhood north of San Antonio called Valencia Terrace.  This is the third Scott Felder neighborhood in which we are featured.  The model home opened in early June.



The Photo on the left shows the laundry sorting table, beautifully illuminated with a 14″ Velux Sun Tunnel, while the photo on the right captures the daylight added to the hallway with a 10″ Velux Sun Tunnel.

Want to see another installation example?

Check out our installation photos from Scott Felders’ Sundance Ranch.






















Solar Texas and Velux Sun Tunnel featured in Scott Felder Model Home

Tony Stephenson outside the Scott Felder Model Home
Solar Texas owner Tony Stephenson at the Scott Felder Model Home in Sundance Ranch.

If you’re looking for a new home that’s beautifully flooded with natural light, then check out the Sundance Ranch community and the Scott Felder Homes new model home at 10407 Willow Bark, Boerne, TX.

Located in the far northwest corner of San Antonio, you can get to Sundance Ranch from Interstate 10 using the Boerne Stage Road exit, past Scenic Loop Café.

The model home features two ten-inch Velux Sun Tunnels.  The first is in the hallway to the left of the main entryway. The second can be found in the main bathroom, just down the hallway.

Adding an energy-efficient Velux Sun Tunnel is a great way to add natural light to your home during the building phase, but it’s equally as easy to retrofit this product into your existing home to add natural light to hallways, bathrooms and closets.

If you’re taking a drive out that way, check out the neighborhood AND the Velux Products.

Velux Sun Tunnel Installation at the Mi Casa Makeover House

We just installed a 14 inch Velux Sun Tunnel on the KENS-5 Mi Casa Makeover Home in San Antonio last week. This house will be featured on KENS 5 Great Day SA in the near future.

The room we chose was a closet off the master bathroom at the rear of the home. Considerable time was spent in the attic and on the roof of the home determining the best location for the Sun Tunnel. The best location was near an existing electric light, but on subsequent evaluation, internal construction mandated that the position be altered slightly for an intersecting gable and associated joists and rafters. It can take some time to find the optimum position of the Sun Tunnel in the ceiling, melding it with existing construction framing, AC ductwork and electrical lines in the attic, and with the optimum position of the base flashing on the roof. This is one step that can’t be rushed. Sometimes it’s easy and straightforward.   Other times, it’s not.

Here’s the process:

1. The position of the rafters confirmed; shingles were removed and access cut into the attic. The flashing was caulked, secured into position, overlaid with roofing felt and shingles were cut to fit around the flashing and reinstalled.

2. From within the attic, the location of the ceiling penetration was marked and any insulation moved to the side. Then from within the closet, an opening was cut into the ceiling.

3. The ceiling ring was installed in the closet.

4. The flexible, reflective tunnel was fitted from the roof down into the closet.

5. The Sun Tunnel dome was secured in position and everything was complete on the roof.

6. From within the closet, excess flexible tunnel was cut to length. The loose end was secured and the diffuser and trim ring were fitted.

7. Before and after photos of the Sun Tunnel installation.

This was the 2nd time Solar Texas has installed a Velux Sun Tunnel in a Mi Casa makeover home.  We are thrilled to contribute to this homeowner’s new energy savings. What a difference a tunnel makes! Enjoy the slide show above which shows the steps we took to install this Sun Tunnel.  Or see the details on our Flickr site.

Solar Texas featured on Mi Casa Makeover

Solar Texas recently had the wonderful experience of donating a 14 inch Velux Sun Tunnel to the very deserving recipient of the KENS-5 Mi Casa Makeover home, Cecilia Consuergra. Many, many thanks to Lina Luque at Build San Antonio Green for contacting Solar Texas to ask about possible involvement.  This was such a wonderful experience that Solar Texas is looking forward to involvement in the next project. It’s a great feeling to be able to help out in the local community. The Velux Sun Tunnel took about three hours to install. There were several rooms that could have benefitted from Sun Tunnels, but Build SA Green rightly chose the living room as the area where a Sun Tunnel would have the most impact.

The Velux Sun Tunnel was installed in the center of the living room; just inside the front door and to the right.  It made a huge impact with the homeowner and with all the contractors who generously donated their products and services. All the video footage shot in the living room after installation shows people bathed in natural sunlight. The Velux Sun Tunnel was featured several times on Great Day SA. See some of the show at: Our Newest Mi Casa Winner. See close-ups and the Velux Sun Tunnel featured at: A Greener Home.

We’re looking forward to doing it again.